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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 530PM  ABC  March 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> a congress member of miami thinkskshis visit of the president is an empty gesture. it's pointless. it won't change anything. and i'm sure infact that the representative feels the same way. they are the three cuban-american members of congress from south florida. >> anchor: as you both know, very contentious. so much heat coming from congress against this visit. >> reporter: we understand disgraceful. perhaps the most disgraceful of any american president in armsterms of visiting a foreign country. we know the words from america and particucarly from south florida are harsh, since the normalizing of relations. >> the argument is that w 're not getting anything in return. but the argument against that is, well, we weren't getting
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place. there weren't relations between cuba and the u.s. so this is a step in the right direction for some. >> reporter: the president likes to make the argument that cuba is not going to change overnight. and that we know. even if democracy were to show up on the door steps of cuba, it would take a generation or so before the people can begin to change their psychological ways free education. >> which is why the argument that improving the economy will lead to somewhat of a political change, and that's the argument the president is making. >> reporter: and there have been reforms under the socialist president raul castro has tried to make over the past couple of years. one of which is having more of a private sector here on the island. we know that some of the homes were being rented out, and there was a major deal signed today with star wood hotels.
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hotels in havana. >> and two prominent hotels. which is in the central square in havana. and another hotel. one of them is supposed to be a high end hotel. the keyword, though, is management. not owned. managementnt which kind of gives you a sense of what's happening here. >> reporter: keep in mind, one of the hotels, if not both i believe, i owned by the cuba's military conglomerate. star wood hotel is going to be managing these hotels, not exactly taking the profits. these hotels obviously owned by the state. there is other news happening as well inealing with the dissidents on the island. one of which, was a b b arrest in front of st. rita church. >> it's a church that the ladies and white attend every sunday.
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streetet where they march with the other activists in havana, typically as we mentioned in the past, they walk a couple off blocks. but it's when they start crossing the streets that i believe gets them in trouble. today. were there. happened. what interesting thing you take away, was the fact that there was a counterprotest to the protest, which s se say is organized by the government. no way to prove it, except that the fact that they're there. the they show up with posters. sometimes they show up with musicians. it sort of become as party. i don't know if it's a way of making fun of the dissident movement. anchor: there was a point the protest today where our photographers, particularly our chief photogpher, was getting video of the arrest when several
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believe t cuban police, they in fact tried to put up little posters -- >> it was the counterprotesters who had -- ourhotographer was at a different end, so you got a good perspective what was happening -- >> anchor: frank wanted to comment on that. he's watching the video you captured. frank, what did you think? >> i think this protest has been going on the last 46 sundays. and the government has reacted in a similar way. the difference, there are 1500 foreign journalists covering this. the media is capturing this is a way the international community
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>> we should note that the m.o. now for the cuban authorities is& to detain the people, these women, the ladies in white, probably will be held for a number of hos. maybe overnight. but then they'll be released. now in past years, dissidents were ten in. they were convicted on bogus chargeg and imprisoned. but that's not the case generally. >> anchor: that's so they can say they have a better record because they're arresting fewer people? >> they say they have no political prisoners whatsoever. >> anchor: of course. [laughter] . >> anchor: so fascinated to see this video.& as you say. thank you for being here with us. let's take a quick break from this. we want to bring you an update on our local weather. we see the rain moving in havana. we've seen some moving in here. we want to check on everything as we watch the international event. >> anchor: what are the odds that the heaviest rain is right
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here locally, dark skies look threatening at times. 've had rain fall down off and on. you can see plenty o people along the broad walk. as we switch views down to key west, light rain still falling. you can see raindrops on the limbs. sunset don't be that great in key west tonight as it's going to remain cloudy. 72 degrees. wind is out of the north-northwest at nine. boy, will our winds pick up tomorrow behind a cold front. it's still off to the north, but ahead of it, we're seeinig the heaviest rain. pshowers right now, north, heading towards grand bahamas. a lot of the light stuff -- the radar is over doing it just a touch. you can see the past three hours, even the stronger storms are losing power. as far as broward, dry. down to homestead, cutler bay, rain moving through. you can see the rain taper off here up towards the seven-mile bridge.
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florida bay. the thunderstorms are weakening. te'll see a 40-50% chance of showers, especially for key largo in the n next hour. here is what it looks like in havana. heavy rain to the south and just to the north. and extends all the way back towards the west. it's going to take time for this to pull through. as we watch these live shots throughout the evening. we expect the rn to be off and on and continue to fall for a bit. lower 80s right now for broward. 81 in pompano. 81 in hialeah. kewest is the coolest location. tonight, the winds will shift out of the northwest andndring us cool, refreshing air across south florida. it's already becoming gusty out there. homestead, 25 miles per hour. as that front slide through overnight tonight. here comes the wind and the clouds will begin toush to the south, too. tomorrow will be cooler. we're going t go up to
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it's going to feel quite a bit outside. as we look across the country, part of that reason, area of high pressure begin to go move. that's going to push the front through and the area of low pressure pushing towards bermuda in the next day or so. let's walk you through the seven-day forecast. as you start to plan y yr workweek, cooler, breezy. we go fm 70 on monday up to 87 by the time friday, saturday and sunday rolls around. >> anchor: thank you so much. there may be political differences between the united states and cuba, but the weather similar. >> anchor: they are very close. 90 miles away, and we're sharing thatat dreary weather. but they got it. wasn't how they planned to step on cuban soil in the web, but the p psident of the united states has indeed stepped on cuban soil for the first time in 88 years. it is a moment that cannot be described deeply enengh, and we are here to capture it all. so many questions and things to
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we are here. . >> anchor: welcome back. we are awaiting presiden obama's a arrival at the embassy. >> anchor: what do you see? >> reporter: plans are to come to old havana, which is where we are. a popular tourist destination. it's charming, filled with restaurants and music. and when you walk theestreets, that is what you see and hear. it's packed with tourists. unfortunately, for him when he gets re, it looks like it might still be raining. also in this area, you have the capitol building to the right. that's been under renovation f f some time. just a few years ago, the national theater, was given a facelift. that's what president obama will
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he'll be delivering a speech inside there that willl be broadcast live on state-run cuban t tevision. that is the plan for now. there will be a select group of people inside listening to obama's speech. the plan now is to broadcast the speech live across cuba. we want to show you the moment the president touched down and getting off the plane. ahead of his visit, there's been political jabs if you will. days before the president got here, venezualean president was honor here in c cuba. there@are toppings so it's cuba reminding the united states, that while the president is welcomed here, certainly there is a long way to go. inect, also today, the ladies
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we've been showing you this video as well. every sunday they've marched. today things got out of hand. so many were arrested. members of the dissident group were taken in and plucked off the streets. our cameras were rolling for every minute. it's tough to imagine that just a matter of hours, perhaps three hours before the president touched down in havana, that's when these arrests have been made. i would imagine at this point president obama has heard about those arrests. it's a matter of time, we'll wait t@ see if he does address those moments when we get to hear from him. i'll send it all back to you. >> anchor: victor, thank you for your coverage. we know you're there every step of the way. we're going to bring you two updates on local stories going on on sunday night. and we'll get back to the president's visit. it has been a big night at jazz in the gardens. it's been such aig weekend.
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let's take a listen. okay. actually let's check in with our local 10 news report shyann malone. you can say thehe saving some of the best acts f for last. >> reporter: hi. i can barely hearou out here. it's very loud. but that's a sign of people having an amazing sign. you can see just how windy it is. let me step o of the way. if you know anything about gospel music, he's one of the kings. we've got a d.j. on stage. doing a little mixing. we've got the biggest lineup. i have the pleasure of intrtrucing baby face and cole bert son. he'll be on deck. the people are having a good time. dancing, sipping on a little whateverer libation they prefer.
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positive. and music always makes people happy, right! i want you to stop by the local 10 news booth. you can pose with the talents. we have our promo team here. they're here, meeting and greeting folks and having a great old time here in miami gardens. and hopefully we'll update you soon with what is going on. usher is the main headline tonight. reporting live from miami guard especiallies, shyann malone. local 10 news. >> anchor: thank you. have fun tonight.
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back to the other big story. >> reporter: there is a decided lack of interest. i'll be honest with u. except for the few people that came here to protest, knowing i think that the media locally & come here to get people to talk about things and hear the debate. you can see there's a couple of people that have signs and they've been here a couple of hours. but i'll be honest with you, the vast majority of people here come to east or come to the coffee coffee counter. nobody was looking at any television here. i did receive a couple of e-mails. people keenly a aware that there has been detentions and arrests in havana, and are very concerned about that. other than that, the protests really wasarlier this morning on southwest 8th street. we have pictures of what that looked like. this was a march from t t bay of pigs monument. southwest 8th street has severalal
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community to different cuban heros. ananthis is where from one to the other, a group of people marched and protested. they said they were supporting cuban civil society. they wanted the attention onhe people of cuba and what the effect of any change or the esident's visits would be on the people of cuba. and also, themselves. that is a different story today at versailles, where the story is very much anti-castro. from a demographic of people who has bebe anti-castro who arrived in exilele 50 or 60 years ago. people feel almost betrayed that the president would set f ft on cuban soil without signs of democracy there. without attention to the human rights abuses they perceive there. a betrayal of sorts for them for
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symbolic gesture, let alone practical changes. in the next couple of days, there's more protests planned on 8th street. i think you'll see a lot of debate back@ and forth. the people that consider themselves cuban exile, there's now the younger generations who have grown-up in exile, but who feel like change and progress is a good thing. that's the story for here from versailles this afternoon. >> anchor: deputies serving a search warrant were shot in indiana. shots were fired in russiaville, rth of indianapolis this morning. they were serving a warrant when police say the suspect fired. that person is dead from a guhot wound. but it's unclear if it was lf-inflicted. one of of the deputies is stable while the other is critical.
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children had to be hospitalized after a day took a tragic turn. crews responded to a possible chemical incident in colorado yesterday. people were cosghing, nauseous and vomiting. >> i felt it in my eyes. >> i was in the weight room and getting ready to walk in the locker room when there were feel coughing and chokeing and having hard times breathing. >> anchor: aft investigating for more than an hour, crews couldn't detect any gas or chemicals in the air. thankfullyeveryone is going to be okay. the wreck center is closed through tomorrow. an indiana man dodges death when a tire slams right into his windshield. >> anchor: he managed to walk away with b bely a scratch. >> right ere. that's it. >> anchor: just a scratch. that's the extent of injuries, after a truck tire did this to
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>> i don't know if it's sunk in yet. >> the roof of the car is occupying the passenger compartments. >> anchor: a split second dedesion to veer left, likely saved bruce's life. >> i thought what is that? the next thing i see is a full-sized tire, spinning vertically, not wobbling, bounce inside my car. >> anchor: just barely enougug room for bruce's head or body. >> i lost my father and sister eight years ago. so the thought of me losing my husband. >> anchor: the bruces are staying in for movie night. the end of a a day they'll never forget. >> if the only thing that comes out of this, someone says i'm going to check my lug nuts, good enough. then we don't have to read about some mother -- sorry [crying]
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the road because you wanted to save ten minutes. >> anchor: wow! looking at that car, amazing. he walked out without a scratch. >> anchor: the tires are so important. several army boot camp graduates were injured after a bus crash yesterday in fort worth, texas. two charter buses carries graduates were involved in a crash with one car. eight people on the buses and two people in the car were hospitalized with minor injuries. a fire breaks out aboard a plane and the culprit was a woman's iphone. >> anchor: it happens on an alaska airlines flight that was 90 minutes from landing in honolulu. a phone caught fire. >> all of the sudden, there was 8 inch flames coming out of my phone. the flames were getting higher. >> anchor: the expert said the battery could be to blame, like
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the f.a.a. has not commented about the incident. anna says apple has reached out to her. on the ground in hawaii, a brush fire is burning 16 miles away from pearl harbor. helicopters have been dumping water on the fire that's already burned more than 1,500 acres. the fire started thursday. that same night, the fires did get close to homes, triggering a voluntarily evacuation. >> anchor: our meteorologist trent aric is here. we've got a lot going on. we've been checking out jazz in the gardens. >> anchor: it looks like the good weather is going to happen on monday. >> anchor: a lot going on this weekend springbreak, home show, miami music week. hot and hymid, so the beach is a good place to go. but today has been gloomy. you can see the wet broad walk, and a few beach goers.
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square, still a few rain drops. the rain is tapering off in the lower keys. but very cloudy. the sunset is going to be limited in the conch republic. key west is one of the coolest spots as the rape has cooledin has cooled them down. strongertorms north. so a closer look you can see the light rain spreading through miami-dade. a lot of this does not hit the ground. and further to the south, most of the heavy stuff is north of the overseas high school but gloomy from key west to the 18-mile stretch. as a few showers stretch and north of no name key. as far as havana is concerned, rain is still coming down. and it will continue to slowly move through hexe in the next couple of hours. it's a little heavier offshore.
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front will sweep through south florida and bring big time changes. right now, coolest spot key west, where the winds are out of the north-northwest. windy in homestead with 20 miles per hour. gusting at 26. gusting at 25 in marathon. the next couple of days, we're watching the cold front. right now, that cloud cover extends north of orlando. once it come through, the area of high pressure is going to bring a quick, cool blast of cool weather. 70 tomrow for a high. 56 on tuesday morning. enjoy it while you can. next weekend, yep, me
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90-degree mark as s historic chahae in motion and in the making. air forcrc one touching down in cuba. the first family all together for the biggest step in u.s. cuba rations the first time a sitting president has touched cuban soil in nearly 90 years. weave live team coverage. >> hours before the arrival we recorded this video the cuban government cracking down on this well-known ladies in white group
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right now we want to take you live to half sflan has president obama makes his historic visit & to the island -- half sflan. >> we'fe told maybe because of some reason the president has changed his trip plans. he's taking a few detours but as you saw with the arrests it's been chaotic and stormy day in cuba. >> and the president has packed schedule for the next couple days. we want to begin with calvin hews live in havana. >> hello. >> hello jeanine and lauri. >> it's interesting that you said the president made a detour that hotel is that of the major league baseball and they've taken over that hotel and kicked out the visitors and tourists. they've taken over the hotel and the tampa bay rays are getting into town later tonight. >> we should be seeing some of them arriving tonight.
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that's the hotel where we get our credentials for the game tuesday between the cuban national baseball team and the tampa bay rays. have you had a chance to talk to the players? >> yes. >> tampa is different in terms of how cuba is looked at. >> tampa and cuba are linked historicalal that date back to late 1800s right and it's a different migration shin and different set of immigrants that went to tampa to build the cigar factories which is why tampa is knknn as cigar city -- their perception o cuba is different because it's prerevolution. so the pain associated with the revolution is not there as it is in south florida. >> if you want to attend the game it's by invite only and also we heard from a miami columnist who was not happy this baseball game was attacking
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>> former miami columnist said this should not be happening. major league baseball shouldot be doing this because of the human rights abuses. >> it's baseball game of diplomacy but it's a rubber match between the cuban national baseball team and any american pro baseball tm back in 1999 the baltimore orioles came and won the game barely. the cuban national team went to baltimore and the cuban national team crushed the baltimore orioles 12 to six. so this game will decide who is maybe the better baseball team in baseball. >> aside from competition i think they know the historic natureref the game. a lot of of them in tampa bay will maybe get a glimpmp of the president and shake his hand. >> so it's going to be quite a week.


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